Why a Website

This is my first piece of content for this site. So let’s start here: Why create a website?


Well, a few reasons:

  1. Sometimes, I just like to write, and having a website gives me a place to stash those things I write.
  2. Noodling around with technology is always fun, and this is a good spot to noodle.
  3. In this day and age, when people come across me, there’s a decent chance they’re going to turn to the Web to figure out a bit more about me. They’ll go to Google, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and wherever else people go to find out about people. Maybe they’ll click on my LinkedIn profile and see the profile page I’ve created there. Or… maybe they’ll think I’m the Thad Peterson on MySpace who lives in Sparks, Nevada… or the Thad Peterson who’s a director at Edgar Dunn & Company… or the Thad Peterson who’s been at  Sector Strategy and Solutions for 20 years. Good God, can there really be that many Thad Petersons out there!? If you've never done so, Google your full name and see what you get back; it’s pretty wacky.


Anyhow, I figure it’s better to take control of my own destiny, create a site, and people will at least have the opportunity to find out about me on a site of my own making.


Luckily, all those other Thad Petersons were slow to the draw, and I managed to nab the thadpeterson.com domain. So I’ve got that going for me.


And if I’m going to have a site, it doesn’t make much sense to try to parse out the professional from the personal. Life doesn’t really work that way – at least not my life. So this site will be a bit of a smorgasbord; and hopefully one that tastes alright.


I’ll post pics, some videos too. And I’ll be keeping a blog to whatever extent I can.


On a technical note, so far, I’ve been dabbling with Squarespace and Jimdo as CMS and hosting services. These services are amazing. You really don’t have to be a coding wiz, and you can still create an awfully robust site.  We live in amazing times.


Please, give me feedback on the site. I’d greatly appreciate it. I'm reachable at thad.peterson@gmail.com