These are a few of my favorite things....

Favorite places:

  • Portland, Oregon
  • Park City, Utah
  • Zermatt, Switzerland 
  • Boulder, Colorado
  • Stowe, Vermont
  • Juneau, Alaska

Favorite foods

  • Lobster roll
  • Ciao Bella blackberry/cabarnet sorbet
  • Caprese salad
  • Apple cinnamon fro-yo from Red Mango

Favorite traditions:

  • Annual fellas trip to Little Compton, RI
  • Hosting Thanksgiving dinner
  • Going skiing with family friends in Park City
  • Hosting an annual Sunset Lobsterfest on Skaket Beach (time lapse video of the event here)

Favorite recent books:

  • Shoe Dog
  • Rejection Proof
  • To Sell Is Human
  • My Life as an Experiment
  • Give and Take
  • Outliers

Favorite websites 

  • Waitbutwhy: If you're curious about the world we live in and you have appreciation for great writing and creativity, this once-a-week post by a man (or woman) of mystery is something you must check out. 
  • Name Voyager: This site shows you the popularity of names through the decades. I spent a good deal of time on it before my sons' births, and I've never forgotten how cool it is. 
  • Merriam-Websters site is a must if you're constantly looking up new words (and old) like me. Their toolbar is great as well.
  • Redfin: I personally think Redfin is re-inventing home buying. Their site is simply awesome. I'm not even looking for a home, and I still spend time on it once in a while.
  • Quora: So much random awesomeness on this site... beware the rabbit hole though!
  • The Wistia Library: Wistia is a dynamite bomb, and this is where a whole bunch of the powder is.


Favorite quotes:


"Choose who you would be, then do what you must" -- Unknown
Why it rings true for me: Those ten words kind of some it all up, don't they? Plus, it can even be said in iambic pentameter if you choose.
"The real hell of life is that everyone has his reasons." -- Jean Renoir
Why it rings true for me: It's one of those lessons I'm reminded of from time to time; everyone has their reasons -- be them evident to you or not. 
"You can't plow a field by turning it over in your mind." -- Unknown
Why it rings true for me: This resonates with me particularly in the context of starting a new business. You can wring your hands all you want over coming up with a great plan on paper, but it comes down to the doing in the end.