My Five Favorite Ads of All Time

Today, for no particular reason, I decided the world desperately needs another list of someone's favorite commercials of all time. So here you go world!


#5 P&G: Thank You Mom


As the saying goes, there's no arguing with motherhood and apple pie. But even setting aside the wholesomeness of extolling the virtues of motherhood, I love the way this commercial taps into all those little, mundane moments that are part of motherhood to create a special and moving piece.



#4 PUMA: Footballer Hooligans Celebrate Valentine's Day


This one is delicious on so many levels. First of all, the irony of these guys singing this particular song in a pub together is awesome. The way the song slowly builds to a crescendo makes it impossible to turn away. And then the completely anti-climactic ending is somehow the perfect way for it wrap up.



#3: Dove: Evolution


An awesome ad that exposes the truth behind so much marketing. 



By the way, the spoof of the ad might be better than the ad itself.


#2 Google: Parisian Love


I recall people making fun of this ad when it ran during the Superbowl in 2010. They couldn't have been more wrong. It stood in such contrast to all the other ads that year--plus, has there ever been another ad that told such a great story while highlight the company's product the entire time? I can't think of one.



#1 Nike: Move


Between the haunting music, the exquisite editing and the gorgeous cinematography, this is the ad I just never tire of seeing. My apologies that I can't find a higher resolution version of it. 


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